Favorite Techniques

Favorite Techniques

Hi Quilty Friends!

There are so many quilting techniques out there and I am a huge fan of any technique that streamlines the piecing process. When I look at a pattern and the first thing I see is "cut (125) 3" squares and then cut in half on the diagonal," I immediately get heartburn. While I appreciate the need for accuracy and ensuring that seams nest, etc. I also value my time immensely.

I found when I started quilting that I was not enjoying it as much as I could have because the patterns were so labor intensive. One of my overarching goals in my patterns is to use streamlined piecing techniques such at 8/4/2 at a Time Half-Square Triangles (HSTs) and Strip Piecing.

Why cut (125) 3" squares, which you then have to cut on the diagonal when you can simply cut (2) large squares, sew a couple of seams, and then cut and you have the vast quantity of HSTs you need in about an hour instead of days? Or why cut (125) 3" squares that you then have to piece back together when you can cut strips of fabric and then subcut into already pieced blocks.

Follow along over the next several weeks as I feature each piecing technique I use in my patterns. There will be YouTube tutorials as well for those who learn by watching (like me)!

The first tutorial will be the 8 At A Time HST Method! If you want to sew along, make sure you have the following supplies handy!

- Standard sewing supplies
- (2) squares of different fabrics measuring the same size (the tutorial will use 10" squares)
- marking pen/chalk
- ruler
- rotary cutter

Happy Quilting!


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